A 95% overall customer satisfaction rating was attained after more than a million Cooltech® fat freezing treatments were done internationally. Results could be seen as soon as 15 days following the program’s initiation.

What Causes Fat To Freeze?

Treatments for fat freezing target your fat cells and freeze them, resulting in “cell death” or apoptosis. The body’s basic processes then cause the dying cells to be removed by the liver.

An advantage of fat freezing over invasive procedures like liposuction is that since fat cells are more susceptible to temperature than skin cells, the surrounding skin is not damaged.

It is a reasonably well-liked fat-reduction treatment, among many others, because it requires no surgery or incisions.

Benefits Of Cooltech® Fat Freezing

Multiple applicators in various sizes are available on popular fat-freezing devices like the Cooltech IceSculpt, allowing them to treat any area of the body successfully. A professional will apply the applicator to the treated region, which is non-invasive. It will immediately begin to function by pulling on the skin and releasing cool energy to kill the fat cells beneath your skin.

Many claims that their procedures were painless and that the applicators’ suction was manageable.

Perfect Customer for Cooltech®

Most people can benefit from Fat Freezing Sydney Deals if they are typically at or slightly above their target weight but have persistent fat protrusions that do not respond to proper nutrition and exercise. Additionally, new mothers will find these bargains to be just fantastic.

Please be aware that it is not a therapy for overweight or underweight people. It is neither a weight gain nor a weight-loss regimen. Therefore, if you dropped a significant amount of weight and have loose skin folds not covered in fatty plaques, you are not a candidate for Cooltech® care. However, in these circumstances, you might be a candidate for our Ultraformer III therapy, which is effective immediately and designed to tighten skin.

As an alternative, there is the TESLAFormer, which increases muscle mass while also burning fat. You may also take into account these two options!

How Many Procedures Are Required?

For the best results, we advise 1-2 treatments spaced 10–12 weeks apart in the same area. The number of sessions you will need in each location to achieve the greatest results will be determined during your consultation. Results can be visible as early as 15 days after the initial procedure, with noticeable improvements appearing 8 to 12 weeks after the initial procedure.

As long as you keep a positive outlook that supports maintaining your target weight, the advantages are long-lasting once you’ve reached your desired weight loss with Cooltech® fat freezing treatments. Contact us to learn more about our offerings.