The TESLAFormer treatment builds muscles in the arms, pelvic floor, hamstrings, belly, and glutes. It uses the FMS company’s most current and efficient methods (Functional Magnetic Stimulation). The TESLAFormer device will deliver a magnetic force that will contract muscles at the point of application by influencing the motor neurons of the muscles at the target region. According to scientific evidence, multiple treatments on the same target region have led to appreciable muscle growth.

What is the TESLAFormer method?

A non-invasive procedure called TESLAFormer uses magnetic resonance energy to promote muscle growth. This sort of energy has been used for individuals whose ability to move their muscles may have been restricted due to a stroke or other similar ailment. Direct application of magnetic energy will increase muscle activation and accelerate muscular growth.

How Does it Function?

Compared to other devices, the TESLAFormer is a body moulding tool that is more concentrated, targeted, and efficient. Your skin and clothing allow the magnetic field to spread throughout your body. Exercise works the same way. These waves cause muscular contractions and give you the impression of an intense workout by firing motoric neurons. Now that you may wear a TESLAFormer paddle while lying in bed, you can enjoy all the advantages of a rigorous workout. It sounds much quicker and easier.

TESLAFormer uses Functional Magnetic 

Stimulation (FMS) stimulates muscle contraction at a pace that is typically much higher than the system can achieve through training. TESLAFormer enables you to “Build Muscle and Burn Fat” simultaneously.

What Regions Are Treatable?

TESLAFormer is effective on most body parts; you don’t need to take off your clothes for the procedure. Patients frequently choose TESLAFormer to enhance the appearance of their calves, gluteal area, and abdominal (washboard abs).

When Can I Expect The Results?

Although many people need multiple sessions to have highly visible improvements, results are visible with the first treatment. The results often last up to 12 months once they reach the ideal level while adding an exercise plan to maintain muscle growth is advised and may affect how long the gains might continue.

Are There Any Downsides To Treatment?

There is no downtime with TESLAFormer because it is a non-invasive procedure. Both during and after the procedure, there is no pain.

How Many Procedures Are Required?

It is advised to receive 8–12 sessions in total.

This brief but comprehensive article takes an in-depth look into the treatment and can help you make an informed decision. Book a spot for a TESLAformer Treatment today!