Ultraformer III – Hollywood Lift

The ultimate red-carpet-ready treatment with an instant glow-up that gets even better over time.

When it comes to facial treatments that use the word Hollywood in the name, it can often allude to going under the knife! This is not the case with the Ultraformer III Hollywood Facial – it’s a non-surgical facial treatment that stimulates collagen for a more toned and tightened effect with zero downtime.

Providing two-tiered results, the Hollywood Facial is widely popular because of its ability to see immediate effects making it the perfect treatment for special events, brides, mother of the bride and anyone wanting to boost their collagen for an instant glow-up! The results are not short-term only as the new collagen continues to generate weeks after you leave the treatment room which means tighter, toned, more snatched angles that lasts long term.

Depending on the condition of your skin and other modalities combined with the treatment the Hollywood Facial is often recommended as a course of 1-3 treatments. Your Ultraformer III clinician will firstly assess your skin, discuss your concerns and the desired outcome before agreeing on a course of treatments.
This treatment has no downtime, no pain allowing you to have it in your lunchbreak and return to work with zero redness or swelling.

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