What do our customers think?

I had a serious incontinence issue. I came to NSA and after going through a six week program I have been cured. Both Anne and Janeen were absolutely wonderful. They made me very comfortable and encouraged me all the way through. 


The North Shore Aesthetics Tesla Chair. I had 4 sessions on the Tesla Chair at North Shore Aesthetics in total. Incredibility I noticed pain reduction within the hour of the first session & surprisingly experienced improved sleep the first night. I had had a chronic lower lumber back problem which caused moderate to acute pain for the previous 22 years. I had been managing that pain with daily Yoga asanas specifically targeting the lumber pain & topically applied Essential Oils. It was not until I did the first Tesla Chair session that I realized I was still enduring, all be it, reduced but unremitting discomfort, it had become so normal for that discomfort to be their I had accepted it as normal…until I sat on the Tesla Chair for the first time. It is now 3 months since my last Tesla Chair sessions. The pain reduction & resultant improvement in quality of sleep I experienced from the 4 Tesla Chair sessions is still present. I still practice Yoga but I do not practice the lumber specific asanas anymore, they are not required. In short I can say the North Shore Aesthetics professional consultation which lead to the advice to take the Tesla Chair sessions has been life changing.

After 6 sessions on the TESLAChair I’ve got my strength back in my glutes so I no longer have hip pain! And That’s fantastic.


I have seen definite improvement after 6 sessions on the TESLAChair – I am able to get to the loo on time every time. Only once I couldn’t make it and I managed to save the day, only a little escaped. Normally I would have wet myself. Generally, I have my muscle control where I had none before. If I do pelvic exercises there is a response from the muscle where there was barely any response before. This is quite amazing as there was no response before. Totally slack and no control. I do think depending on your age and severity that  6 sessions are not enough and 12 sessions will give you a good grip on things.  I will most definitely recommend it as a successful treatment. 


I always wanted to enjoy simple things in life such as playing sports or walking without constantly wanting to go to the bathroom.

A few years ago, I finally had surgery to fix this problem! I was happy for nearly two months, but then the problem worsened and I became incontinent. I had to have another surgery, which fixed the incontinence, but brought me back to the previous stage: visiting the bathroom for about 25 times per day!

Recently, my GP mentioned the Tesla Chair. I made an appointment in the same week. I started twice per week then increased to three times. It took four weeks of treatment for me to feel the difference, and it felt good! It reduced the number of times I was going to the loo, and I didn’t have to continually run to the bathroom. I began to have good nights of sleep. It improved my life! I did the recommended six treatments. I was going to continue the treatment, and wished to increase it to four times a week, but unfortunately we had to stop because of the Covid-19 restrictions.

I’m pleased to recommend this treatment, and particularly in this venue and here are the reasons:

  1. The Tesla Chair shows positive results,
  2. The venue is beautiful and clean, and last but not least
  3. Anne and Janeen are very friendly and great professionals who go above and beyond to help you to achieve the best of this treatment!

The only negative aspect is that the Tesla Chair treatment is not cheap. I wish the Government or private health insurance subsidised the procedure but sadly they don’t, despite me using it for medical reasons.


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